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We are proud to say that four of the performances in M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2015 will be developments or re-imaginings of works previously staged, from as early as 1999, and as recent as 2013. Needless to say, we think that’s something worth doing. And we also think that it’s something worth talking about.

We don’t see a lot of restaged work in Singapore. Apart from a few exceptions, time to time, we have a habit of quickly disposing and forgetting our own creative efforts and achievements and moving right along.

In the spirit of encouraging the development and exposure of local work and artistry, we want to highlight these four works to you, and give you some insight into their development towards their 2015 staging.

Join us for a lively discussion about the artists’ inspirations, challenges and strategies. This talk will be really interesting for anyone who wants to get a better taste of what’s in store for Fringe 2015, and also to learn more about the processes of art-making.

What is involved in recalling, re-imagining and re-developing past works?
Why have these artists chosen to revisit these works again?
How does the passing of time, hindsight and growth as an artist change how we might negotiate our theatre-making?
What are the artists behind these works consumed with right now as they prepare for their fresh staging in January 2015?

Here is your chance to come and find out the answers to these and more questions, and perhaps even help give shape to the works, with the sharing of your own opinions and questions.

This talk is presented in collaboration with Centre 42 as part of their Living Room programme which is a series of lectures, talks and workshops on writing, text-based works, local theatre, art-making and many more.

This talk will be moderated by Sean Tobin, Artistic Director of M1 Singapore Fringe Festival.

Participating artists:
Loo Zihan’s With/Out (a reimagining of The Necessary Stage’s Completely With/Out Character from 1999)
Pat Toh’s Terra Incognita (an evolvement from Homogeneous, a presentation made in 2012 as part of Esplanade’s The Studios RAW series)
Take Off Productions’ Mosaic (first staged at Lit Up Festival 2013), written by Joel Tan.
The Necessary Stage’s untitled women (staged in 2000, 2002 and 2003), written by Haresh Sharma.

Visit us at www.singaporefringe.com
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Sat Nov 22, 2014
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM SGT
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Black Box, Centre 42
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42 Waterloo Street Singapore
M1 Singapore Fringe Festival